Frontiers in Biorefining

2024 Tentative Conference Agenda

Call for Papers – Frontiers in Biorefining 2024

Abstract deadline May 31, 2024

The steering committee of the 2024 Frontiers in Biorefining Conference is welcoming abstracts for both oral and poster presentations. Frontiers in Biorefining focuses on the science, engineering, and technologies that underly a wholistic and circular production of sustainable feedstocks, bio-derived fuels, chemicals, and materials which will further advance implementation of integrated biorefineries, expand the use of bioresources, and contribute to Circular Bioeconomy Systems (CBS). To achieve sustainability, many aspects of CBS, including process-advantaged feedstocks, cascading use of carbon, product design, circularity assessment, and many others, need to be explored.

Attendance will be limited to facilitate open discussion and a number of slots are available for presentations emphasizing the latest developments on the transformation of renewable carbon. Topic areas include:

  • Biomass design and upgrading
  • Valorization of renewable carbon resources
  • Low-carbon advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Sustainable cascading products
  • Maximizing carbon reuse
  • Responsible, carbon- and cost-effective end-of-service-life solutions
  • Metrics for measuring and predicting the sustainability of CBS

Further information can be obtained by contacting any of the members of the steering committee.

Graduate students: The symposium includes flash talks and a poster competition for graduate students. Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three posters as determined by a committee of symposium attendees.

Instructions: Please submit an abstract to, in English, of no more than 400 words, fitting on a single page, as a Word doc, and using the following format – 10-point Arial font, 1.5 line spacing:

The title of my presentation (Centered) 
Presenting author (position title)
First co-author, second co-author, etc. (centered, italicized)
University, industrial or laboratory affiliation
Street address
City, State/Province, Country
Email address to contact

Please use full justification for the abstract and provide a concise description of the work to be presented at the conference. Figures will be acceptable, but please keep them to a minimum, and within the single page/400-word limit.

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